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Shrink wrap or shrink foil is a high performance, protective film, applied to protect a variety of applications. For example, at Solicom you will find shrink wrap for boats, buildings, racks or for marine applications. You can also use a protective heat shrink wrap for the transportation of large items.

What is heat shrink foil?

Our heat shrink foil is a durable solution to protect materials against the outside world. The heat shrink wrap can be used for small and large items, even if the shape is irregular. Our heat shrink foil is used by a variety of industries to cover and protect valuable gear.

These are the most important properties of our heat shrink foil:

  • High performance wrapping
  • Covering of small and large constructions
  • Puncture resistant
  • Protection against UV, rain, hail and dust
  • Fire retardant
  • Wind resistance up to 10 Beaufort

Verisafe heat shrink foil is made of polyethylene, which comprises carbon and hydrogen. These components are chemically inert and our product is completely recyclable. By selecting Verisafe heat shrink wrap, you’re not harming the environment.

The benefits of shrink wrap

A shrink wrap offers protection against external attacks and ensures that your wrapped item remains in excellent condition for a longer time. A heat shrink wrap provides a lot of benefits.

1. Protect materials from damage

A properly applied shrink wrap protects materials from natural hazards, such as rain, snow or hail. Dust and moisture can be completely excluded with a heat shrink wrap. By packing the material properly, you ensure a longer lifespan of the products. The materials also look like new for longer.

2. Cost efficient solution

The application of industrial shrink film is a cost-effective solution. The wrap takes up little space and also weighs only a fraction of other frequently used materials. You also save on the costs of the purchase, because shrink wrap costs less than many other packaging materials.

3. Fire retardant

Protect your applications and materials against fire by using a fire-retardant shrink wrap. Besides protection against the weather, the wrap also offers protection against fire. The wrap itself does not burn and therefore has a retarding effect.

4. All shapes and sizes

Shrink wrap is available in a variety of sizes. In this way it becomes possible to pack an array of materials, regardless of their shape or dimensions. Besides rectangular shapes, such as scaffolds and buildings, we can also wrap the irregular shapes of a boat or other object in shrink wrap.

5. Ecological solution

Verisafe is not just plastic. The used materials contain carbon and hydrogen. Our shrink wraps are chemically inert and fully recyclable. They are harmless to the environment. The wrap does not release harmful substances and therefore does not damage the environment.

Shrink wrap application

Our high-performance heat shrink wrap offers a solution to wrap and protect a variety of applications. Verisafe is active in different industries and has the perfect solution for every job. Our products meet the highest safety and quality standards, which makes Verisafe shrink wrap the ideal protection measure for your applications and more!

Boat wrapping

Shrink wrap for boatsThe irregular shapes of a ship can also be wrapped with Verisafe heat shrink wrapping materials. Especially for the storage of boats during the winter, the protective properties of our shrink wrap for boat offers an excellent solution for marine wrapping.



Industrial wrap

Industrial shrink wrapFor industrial shrink wrap, the Verisafe shrink wrap is a solid, heavy duty solution. The wrap is fire-retardant, puncture resistant and provides high-quality protection for industrial applications.



Marine wrapping

Marine shrink wrapIn the marine industry, we often encounter unique challenges where flexible solutions must be found. With Verisafe marine shrink wrap you protect scaffolding, platforms and other applications on the water against all weather.



Scaffold wrap

Scaffold shrink wrapScaffold shrink wrap is one of the first applications for which they used shrink wraps. And they still do! With a high-quality shrink wrap, you protect the scaffold against the weather. The wraps can withstand wind speeds of over 100 km/h.


Transport wraps

Transport wrapProtect a load during loading and unloading, but also during transport. We can wrap all types of valuable cargo with transport shrink wrap to ensure that the materials reach their eventual destination in the optimal conditions.



Aerospace and aviation wrapping

Aviation shrink wrapThe aerospace and aviation industry demands high-quality, heavy duty protection in order to keep machinery and equipment safe from the elements. Covering or wrapping aviation equipment, like aircraft or helicopters, requires special qualities in materials. Using Solicom engine shrink wrap is one of the most ecological solutions to protect gear with special shapes and needs.

Other uses for Vericom shrink wrap

Verisafe is the world leader in shrink wrapping in various sectors. Besides the above applications, you can also contact us for other applications. By choosing Verisafe wrapping, you are working with the best shrink wraps in the industry. You enjoy all the benefits of a high-quality product.

Find the best shrink wrap solution for your business

Are you looking for a suitable solution to protect an item, building, or tool with shrink wrap? View our range of quality shrink wrapping solutions for all sectors and applications. Do you have questions about the different products or would you like advice on using the right materials? Contact us! We are happy to assist you with professional advice.