€ 537.70

Accompanied by an array of accessories, the Cat. No. 10731 model introduces two impressive burners: the Cat. No. 1071 70 kW burner and the Cat. No. 1031 30 kW burner.

Allow us to present some compelling examples that showcase why this product is hailed as a breakthrough, serving as a testament to Express Shrink Wrapping’s unwavering commitment.

Despite its remarkable 70 kW power output, the combined weight of the gun and burner is impressively less than 900 grams, a truly remarkable achievement.

The Hornet 70 kW shrinkforming gun itself is exceptionally lightweight and features an outstanding ergonomic design, significantly minimizing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

Thanks to its interchangeable burners and swift connection mechanism, the torch is effortlessly utilized, seamlessly attaching to the hose with a single click.

Despite its substantial power output, the Hornet torch emits minimal sound, a testament to its refined engineering. The burner’s temperature is expertly regulated using advanced flame technology.

The Hornet torch delivers exceptional performance, with precise and intuitive handling. Moreover, the torch-gun facilitates hassle-free self-maintenance procedures, such as nozzle or Piezo ignition replacement, eliminating the need for tools.

This model is thoughtfully presented in a durable plastic case, which includes the Cat. No. 1071 70 kW straight burner, the Cat. No. 1031 30 kW burner, the Cat. No. 42305 Piezo trigger, a 10-meter hose, the Cat. No. 684 4-bar regulator, and a pair of safety gloves (Cat. No. 42721). Undoubtedly, this state-of-the-art tool is exceptionally lightweight and delivers outstanding performance.

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