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In addition to a wide range of accessories, the Cat. No. 10931 model stands out with its inclusion of two burners: a 90 kW burner (Cat. No. 1091) and a 30 kW burner (Cat. No. 1031).

Allow me to provide some compelling examples that showcase why this product is deemed a breakthrough. These examples demonstrate that when Express Shrink Wrapping uses the term ‘breakthrough’, they truly mean it.

Despite delivering a maximum power output of 90 kW, the combined weight of the gun and burner is impressively less than 900 grams. This achievement is quite remarkable!

The Hornet 90 kW shrinkforming gun itself is remarkably lightweight and, with its exceptional ergonomic design, significantly reduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

Thanks to its two interchangeable burners and fast connection mechanism, the torch is simple and quick to use, effortlessly attaching to the hose with a single click.

Considering the power it delivers, the Hornet torch produces a remarkably low sound level. This is achieved through the utilization of flame technology, which maintains the burner at a moderate temperature.

The Hornet torch offers outstanding performance, thanks to its precise and intuitive operation. Furthermore, the torch-gun facilitates effortless self-maintenance operations, such as nozzle or Piezo ignition replacement, without the need for tools.

Supplied in a sturdy plastic case, this kit includes the 90 kW straight burner (Cat. No. 1091), the 30 kW burner (Cat. No. 1031), the Piezo trigger (Cat. No. 42305), a 10-meter hose, a 4-bar regulator (Cat. No. 684), and a pair of safety gloves (Cat. No. 42721). Undoubtedly, this new-generation tool is exceptionally lightweight and delivers high-performance.

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