€ 507.30

Introducing the Cat. No. 10701 Hornet shrinkforming gun, an exceptional product from Express, conveniently packed in a ready-to-use case.

One notable feature is its impressively light weight, coming in at under 500 grams at the arm’s end. This ergonomic design significantly reduces the risk of Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) during usage.

The torch’s simplicity and speed of use are enhanced by its interchangeable burners and quick connection, allowing for seamless attachment to the hose with a single click. Despite its powerful performance, the Hornet Cat. No. 10701 kit maintains a remarkably low sound level.

Utilizing innovative “flame technology,” this torch maintains a moderate burner temperature while delivering exceptional performance. It offers an intuitive and precise user experience.

The Cat. No. 10701 Hornet shrinkforming torch is designed for easy self-maintenance tasks, such as nozzle or Piezo ignition replacement, without the need for any tools.

The included case contains the shrinkforming gun with its fast connection, a 70 kW straight burner (Cat. No. 1071), a 4 bar regulator (Cat. No. 684), and a 10-meter hose. Additionally, a pair of gloves (Cat. No. 42721) is provided for safe handling.

As with all Express Shrink-Wrapping products, this kit is readily available at your trusted retailer.

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