€ 532.05

These gas shrinkforming guns, designed by Express Shrink Wrapping, offer a power range of 100 to 150 kW while incorporating ergonomic features suitable for various usage scenarios.

One such model is the Cat. No. 10167, which consists of a 100 kW titanium burner, a 600 mm neck tube (Cat. No. 100WL600), a safety handle with a Piezo trigger and fast connection, a 10-meter hose, and a 4-bar regulator.

Understanding the unpredictable nature of work-sites, this tool also includes a spare Piezo trigger (Cat. No. 42305) for added convenience.

To ensure portability and protection, this kit is supplied in a black carrying case, which can be conveniently obtained from your regular Express Shrink Wrapping distributor.

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