What is the best shrink wrap material?

The ideal shrink wrap material for scaffolding is the Verisafe Scaffold Shrink Wrap produced by Solicom. This product is a high-grade Low-Density Polyethylene Film (LDPE) known for its robust characteristics and effectiveness in encapsulating scaffolding on construction sites. Notably, this product ensures a perfectly contained environment where no wind, rain, dust, or sand can penetrate.

The Verisafe Scaffold Shrink Wrap is specifically engineered for scaffold encapsulation, ensuring high puncture resistance due to its unique inflation rate and chemical composition. Additionally, the shrink wrap is fire retardant, and Solicom provides all necessary certifications to verify this claim. This product is capable of withstanding winds exceeding 100 km/h, with field experience showing resistance up to 180 km/h.

Interestingly, Solicom’s Verisafe Scaffold Shrink Wrap is also an eco-friendly option. It’s composed of carbon and hydrogen, and no harmful substances are used in its production. Plus, it is chemically inert and entirely recyclable. Thus, when removed from the scaffold, it can be bundled, collected, and sent for recycling, aligning quality with ecological responsibility.