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Discover the Verisafe range of premium heat shrink wrap. Embrace heavy duty shrink wrap and choose the best quality for your money.

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AboutSolicom Verisafe

We are the global reference for large-width flame retardant shrink films and heat-shrink wrap in general. Our products have found applications in a variety of industries including transportation, construction, shipyards, nuclear maintenance and more.

Relying on over 35 years of experience we have built up a strong reputation concerning heat shrink plastic. We meet the highest quality standards especially in reducing fire hazards.

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There´s a big difference with other films. It feels thicker than the other one I was using. It welds really well and when properly heated it doesn't come undone when you pull it.

Enrique - Shipshape

When heated, it shrinks very homogeneously and stays really tight. It is much more difficult to make holes by overheating. We instantly felt the difference!

Enrique - Shipshape

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