€ 590.00

Several innovations have been incorporated to produce a tool that offers both immense power and superior ergonomics for its users.

In line with Express Shrink Wrapping’s standing, their product with catalogue number 10912 includes all the necessary accessories to start working immediately.

Key Features of the Wizz Gun

The Wizz Gun features a stationary 4-bar regulator (Cat. No. 684), specifically designed for use with propane. It is paired with a 10-meter flexible rubber hose that conforms to the French standard NF EN ISO 3821 (Cat. No. 963/10). The tool is further enhanced with a trigger, an additional Piezo (Cat No. 42305), and the highly-regarded modern elongated burner (Cat. No. 1912), equipped with a sliding handle.

Like most products in this range, a quick-release coupling has been included, along with a safety handle, enabling the hose to be securely and quickly connected with a simple click.

Combination of Portability and Versatility

Each product comes in a carrying bag for easy transportation, making this kit a valuable companion for not only shrink-wrapping professionals but also for those involved in winterization and palletizing tasks.

This kit is meticulously designed to suit those who need a power surge occasionally or over longer durations, especially when dealing with materials at high elevations that present accessibility issues.

High Performance

This tool is a dynamo, providing up to an impressive 90 kW of power. In other words, it has “ample power in reserve” to efficiently and effectively perform high-quality winterization tasks.

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