Various innovations have been brought together to offer users an exceptional tool that combines power and ergonomics.

As usual with Express Shrink Wrapping, catalogue number 10912 has all the accessories you need to get to work right away.

The Wizz gun features a fixed 4-bar regulator Cat. No. 684 for use with propane, a 10-metre flexible rubber hose (French standard NF EN ISO 3821) Cat. No. 963/10, a trigger and a spare Piezo Cat No. 42305, as well as the already famous new-generation long burner Cat. No. 1912 and its sliding handle.

As with almost all of the products in this range, a quick-release coupling is supplied with its safety handle, so you can attach your hose in a click.

All of these products come in a carrying bag, making this kit a handy companion for shrink-wrapping professionals, as well as anyone whose job involves wintering and palletisation.

This kit has been specially designed for all those who need increased power from time to time, or for long periods, when working with materials at height that are difficult to access.

Delivering power of up to 90 kW, this tool has got “plenty under the hood” to carry out quality wintering jobs.

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